Thursday, August 25, 2011


Shbekya for sale
There was a guy sitting across from this shbekya stand - a sweet eaten especially during Ramadan - and I asked him if I could take a picture to show my friends back home what Ramadan is about.  He agreed and then promptly introduced me to his sister who invited me over for iftar (breakfast) the following night. 

More than food and not eating it during the day, hospitality is what Ramadan is all about.  People reach out and invite others to break the fast with them, they give alms to the poor, they spend lots of time in the mosque.  And all without food or water all day, and it's hot.

Of couse, what you are going to eat as soon as the sun goes down and the canon goes off (yes, they actually shoot off a canon), becomes a fixation.  A typical iftar is a feast for the eyes: lots of small dishes like harira (tomato base soup), dates, figs, fruit, different types of bread, hard-boiled eggs, tea, coffee, juice... the list goes on.

Here (right) is the iftar I had tonight, not at the above mentioned house, but at Zahra's my housekeeper and good friend.


Happy, blessed Ramadan.

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