Saturday, May 21, 2011

hijab fashion

The hijab, or headscarf, is a tricky subject.  As a symbol of religious and cultural affiliation, it is often politicized and misunderstood.  On a more basic level, however, the hijab and its various of styles, fabrics and accoutrements, poses an interesting challenge fashion-wise for Muslim women in Morocco and the world over.  Rather than try to capture the variety of styles seen on the streets of Fez (since photographing people here is also a tricky subject) I decided to have my language instructor bring some scarves to class and show me a few ways women wear the hijab.   

Long rectangular scarf wrapped around the head three times with a 'flower' embellishment on the side.
Style to wear with earrings.  I also have a 'bonnet' on underneath which allows the scarf to sit back further on the head.
Really nice from the back.
Large square scarf with pin attached to knot for embellishment.
One of my scarves with fringe.
One long rectangular scarf of 2 colors faded into one another.

Two scarves wrapped around each other.
It was a fun experiment to try these on and also to see how long they can take to get looking just right.  I can't imagine wearing one everyday let alone matching it with my outfits (think matching hijab, shoes and handbag).  Much respect to all the stylish Fassi hijab-wearing women.


Jane said...

Beautiful scarves - and model!

Al Farah said...

Wow!!! You are select awesome pics for HIJAB FASHION designs... really nice design.

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