Monday, January 10, 2011

An Artisan Paradise

The Funduq I have been measuring and studying for the past few weeks has come to symbolize much of how I see Fez as a city: in constant flux.  Each time I visit, there is a flurry of activity within the 60 or so artisan workshops.  Leather slippers, intricately embroidered belts, guys drinking mint tea, a donkey waiting in the courtyard to deliver supplies; these are just a few things I find. 
On a larger scale, the funduq has fluctuated from caravanserai hotel to artisan workshop, as the needs of the city have changed.  I have just begun to research the history of funduqs in Fez, and so far have not found much written about them.  I cannot imagine a program or building function more apt for my research in general (Architecture and Artisans in Fez) than the funduq, the place in which many artisans work. 

More to come!  Thanks for reading!


Matt said...

I can't wait to see it myself.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! It's great that you've found a topic about which not much has been written - a perfect niche for you! Mom