Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Trip to the Desert

Typical Berber tent made of black woven rugs
Andra, my friend from RISD, came for a visit and off we went to the Sahara, a 7 hour overnight bus ride from Fes.  Here are some highlights:

Here is my camel, 'Bob Marley', with Hassan, our camel man, behind.
Here we are, me, Andra, and two girls from Montreal we paired up with.

We rode on the camels for a few hours, had lunch, then a few more hours to an oasis where we spent the night in tents.

Hassan and Andra, after ommlette sandwiches.

 Andra and her radical headband, purchased from the boy of the family who made us the sandwiches.

Tam-tams (Moroccan type of drum), chicken tagine and stars.  We woke up to watch the sunrise, then camel back for a hot shower.  It was a great trip.

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Matt said...

Great pictures babe. Your camel looks friendly.