Monday, November 1, 2010

Jbel Toubkal

Last weekend a group of us hiked up Jbel Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa.  I had the chance to hike this mountain the first time I was in Morocco, and the experience was totally different.  The adventure started in Marakkech...

Arriving at the train station.

Jama Ifna, the main square in Marakkech.

Ginger tea!

Setting off! Me on the left, Lillie, Alison, Stacey, Lauren and Yasmine.

Mules are commonly used to bring people and things up into the mountains.
The lodge where we stayed the night after the first day of hiking.

Sunrise the next day we set off to try to make it to the top.
No need for a caption here.

John, another person in our group, and the clouds coming in behind.  We had to turn back about an hour later when the clouds turned into a full-on blizzard.
The hike back down the next day.


Suzanne Brahm said...

Lindsey! I was just thinking about you and missing you and then I go to your blog and see your smiling face. What a gorgeous picture. Looks like a great climb.

Missed you on Halloween. Reese was Dorothy, Tyler the Scarecrow, too cute is right.


Tom said...

Great images! One thing I had not expected to see - snow in Morocco! Cool!

Glad you are well, and exploring. Thanks for keeping us updated!

Amy said...

Linds! I have been out of town and am loving catching up on your blog. What a beautiful photo of you and the mountains! Your sketches are amazing...we miss you soooo much!